Zoa Frag - Sunny D

Zoa Frag - Sunny D

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Price is average 4 - 5 polyps, plug with most polyps will be sent. 

Flow requirements - LOW

Lighting requirements - LOW

Care Level - EASY

Feeding- Broadcast target feed with a tiny amount soft coral powder food once weekly, powder foods include 'VITALIS soft Coral Food' and 'Reef Revolution Polyp Feast'. This coral can also be fed phytoplankton. Ensure there is 2-3ppm nitrate available too. A good feeding routine will also be rewarded with big fat polyps and rapid growth.

Aggression- Not aggressive unless physically touching other coral.

General Comments - A great beginner coral, grow fast but not invasive and are low care indeed.

Zoanthids cary PALYTOXIN-


Exposure to Palytoxin can also occur by direct contact with intact or damaged skin, by direct contact with eyes or by inhaling aerosols or steam vapours associated with aquariums or the natural marine environment.

Most aquarium-related cases occur as a result of skin exposure after prolonged handling through cuts on hands or inhalation of coral dust, steam vapours or water droplets and aerosols while cleaning, separating, growing/propagating, collecting, transporting mechanically removing or eradicating over-growing corals by pouring boiling water on live rock as well as cleaning home marine aquariums.